To Serve is First to LOVE

Not a great picture (pretty cheesy) but definitely a great life-lesson ! My friend, Chami, and I were in Nashville during our convention in 2019 when I spotted this window of a restaurant and asked her to snap this pic. On the window was painted these words: “Because, to serve is first to LOVE.” GiuseppeContinue reading “To Serve is First to LOVE”

Fueled by Dreams and Coffee…

The other day I was flipping through a circular that came in the mail. I spied a coffee maker that makes lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and even cold-brew in addition to coffee! I was intrigued because I’ve been a big coffee lover since I was about 5. My mind took me back in time to theContinue reading “Fueled by Dreams and Coffee…”

Keeping the Hula-hoop spinning..

On Sundays I try to do a little self-evaluation…sort of a little constructive criticism of myself. I TRY really hard to balance my activities but as my mama would say, “You’ve got too many irons in the fire.” (Neither side of my family sugar-coated their words.) And it is true. I do have too manyContinue reading “Keeping the Hula-hoop spinning..”

Ready or NoT the Holidays are Coming!

We went to our favorite semi-annual event yesterday, the Canton Flea Market in Canton, Mississippi. I’ve been going to Canton on and off for about 40 years in May and October. In May it was cancelled like many other events due to Covid concerns. Whitney and I were very excited that they had the eventContinue reading “Ready or NoT the Holidays are Coming!”

A Portrait of Determination

Today would have been Aunt Bernice’s 91st birthday. I’m so thankful for her Influence. Bernice was the strongest woman I’ve ever known. She’s been an inspiration to us all, having achieved so much in spite of her physical limitations. We thought she was such a cool aunt . She planned fun things to do whenContinue reading “A Portrait of Determination”