How’s Your Skin Really Doing?

Today is a notable day for several reasons, one I’d really rather not note though…

On July 8, 2013 my dermatologist called to deliver a diagnosis of malignant melanoma just 10 days after I started my skincare business. I don’t really think that was a coincidence – which is why I preach skin cancer prevention!

On the 10th I had a “chunk” of tissue removed from my arm. It was necessary to remove such a large area to get clear margins because the melanoma was atypical (pink) & aggressive… it had roots. I shudder to think what would’ve happened if I had not been scheduled for this skin screening. I now bear a “mattress stitch” scar on the inner part of my upper arm just above my elbow, a reminder to be diligent in protecting my skin. I wear sun-blocking shirts when I’m running and working in the yard now as well as wide-brimmed hats & sunglasses.

I wasn’t always this careful though – I am a former “sun worshipper” who was truly addicted to the sun. I thought I was being sun safe by using sunscreen & avoiding the sun between 10 & 4 but don’t deceive yourself- there’s really no such thing.

One of the hardest things for me to get over was that I did this to myself. The regret is heavy.

Thankfully I’ve gone 9 years after that diagnosis without a recurrence. This year I pointed out a little itchy pink spot on the same arm where I had the melanoma that had been slightly irritated for a few weeks, maybe a month. My dermatologist decided that she needed to biopsy it, especially since it was THAT arm. As you can imagine I was concerned.

BTW, women tend to have more occurrences on their legs & arms whereas men experience more skin cancer on their trunk, head and neck.

Same arm: scar from melanoma surgery & squamous cell carcinoma biopsy.

Usually it takes a week to get the report back but the next day the nurse called me (a good sign) to say that the biopsy came back as a squamous cell carcinoma in situ – which means the abnormal cells were in the original position, pre-invasive- stage 0. We caught it early thanks to that screening.

I am thankful for this report, even though it wasn’t a “clear” report. I will have to have more tissue removed and the area cauterized 😬 but no further treatment will be needed.

It turns out that July 8th is also Love Your Skin Day so that’s something “fun” I can focus on!

Here are some ways to celebrate the day:

1️⃣Have a Spa Day ! 🛀🏼

It doesn’t have to be an appointment in a fancy spa. I have created my very your own spa in my bathroom. It’s open whenever I feel like treating myself which is pretty frequently ! You’ll feel mentally refreshed & more comfortable/confident in your own skin.

2️⃣ Drink lots of water to keep your soft tissues hydrated. 💧

It helps maintain your skin’s elasticity, balances your ph, and flushes toxins from your body.

3️⃣ Take my Fun Skin Quiz & Get a Complimentary Scan 🔍

The Scan uses artificial intelligence to give you a rating in areas like dark circles, dullness, dark spots, redness, firmness, skin tone & overall appearance. It’s like getting an evaluation by an esthetician right from your own home! 😍 ( For best results, take your makeup off first)

Drop in your email & I’ll contact you with a special Spa Package Offer you’ll enjoy!

(Offer available in the US, Canada, Australia, & Japan)

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