Dear Maeley,

I want you to know that you come from a line of very strong women. When we read Proverbs 31 together one day I want you think of all those in our family who came before you that worked very hard to provide for their husbands and children.Like the Proverbs 31 Woman, they were allContinue reading “Dear Maeley,”

Love Like A Dog

Today is Love Your Pet Day. Now, I usually stay away from controversial & divisive topics but I know this one is going to be highly controversial ! While I also how much people love their pets, I have to say that I really believe dogs love best. It’s their super power. I know I’veContinue reading “Love Like A Dog”

The C Word …

When I heard that today was World Cancer Day, the memories flooded my mind. This thing called cancer has plagued so many. It doesn’t discriminate. It attacks babies, children, teens, those in the prime of life, and those who are in their golden years. To be honest, there are few words I dread hearing moreContinue reading “The C Word …”


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