Happy 92nd Birthday

September 23 …..not only the first day of fall, but it was my Aunt Bernice’s birthday.I’m remembering her today and the positive influences she had on me and so many others.As we observed her decline, we realized that just existing is not the same as living,so I’m sharing some of her amazing life stories today!Continue reading “Happy 92nd Birthday”

Mama’s Shoes

Did you ever stomp around in your Mama’s shoes when you were little? Didn’t we all ? I’ve been wanting to share this story & today’s the day. I saw that August 25th was “second-hand wardrobe” day. Did you wear hand-me-downs as a child? I did ! Most kids got hand-me-downs from their siblings orContinue reading “Mama’s Shoes”

Gorgeous Grandmas

It’s Gorgeous Grandma Day which celebrates women over the age of 50 and encourages them to defy society’s standards and live it up a bit. Most of the time, we see our grandmothers in a stereotypical old-fashioned way. Grandmothers are expected to be calm, collected, have an outdated style. My maternal grandmother, Emily, fit thatContinue reading “Gorgeous Grandmas”

Learning to swim

This summer has been a busy but fun one! We’ve been working so hard this summer to get this little girl out of floaties and swimming ! She was so dependent on them she didn’t want to get in without them. Whenever people ask I always say, ” Teach them to have fun in theContinue reading “Learning to swim”

A Cautionary Tale…

In an instant—everything can change. In the spring of 2013 most everything had gone back to a “normal” or so I thought.  We went to the beach for spring break. During the few days we were there I began experiencing itchy skin. I wasn’t sure why. Was I allergic to something? It began on theContinue reading “A Cautionary Tale…”

Hard things …

We’ve all had to deal with hard things but it seems in recent days things have been especially hard on women. To me when you marry and become a Mom you open your heart up to a whole new level of happiness and possibly pain. Our spouses and children are a source of happiness butContinue reading “Hard things …”


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