A Painful but Positive Flashback

Originally posted on Dinah's Dabblings:
September 1st was Acne Positivity Day… as day set aside to “spread a message of acceptance and self-love while putting our best face forward.” The day encourages people to alleviate of the stigma associated with acne. Acne is a skin condition that annoys, frustrates, and hinders us; for some…


Originally posted on Dinah's Dabblings:
#Attitudeofgratitude I’m so very thankful for our family’s health and the gift of time.? We have many friends & family who have been and are going through illnesses… our prayer list is filled with them!!? Every day that We can get out of the bed and walk around (or…

The Making of a Bird Nerd

It’s James Audubon’s birthday. He traveled, studied & painted birds in the 1800s. 🕊🦅🦆🦜🦢🦃🦉🐧🐦🦩 When I was at Mississippi State back in the day we went to the library during breaks to do research the old fashioned way 😬 & study for tests during our breaks. (Who remembers that era ???? 😄) I loved toContinue reading “The Making of a Bird Nerd”


I started the day in His word. I have a little vignette on the table featuring the empty tomb with the stone rolled away under the three crosses to remind us of Holy Week and Easter. After finishing my Bible study left the house to take a short run. They’re working on the levee atContinue reading “Stumps”


Did you know that today was Barbara Millicent Roberts’ 63rd Birthday ?🤔 Who?? 😅 Barbie! 😄 Who besides me didn’t know her name? 🙋‍♀️ Yep, Today is #nationalbarbieday & she’s 63! She’s come a long way over the years and so has the range of Barbie dolls!We were pretty amazed last year when we wentContinue reading “63???”


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