The “AND” Life

It took me a long time to realize the truth: 

Creativity doesn’t always have an ‘on’ switch… nor does productivity! 😬

You just have to jump in and do stuff! 

I have so many things I want to do, to write, to paint. I keep lists of them in my phone and sometimes it’s a long list ~ it thrills me to check things off those lists!

Do you do that too?😅

From one of my Sheroes, Sara Blakely:

If you keep waiting around until you feel “ready” to do something, you’ll never do it. Feel the fear, the uncertainty and the doubt and do it anyway! No one ever made anything revolutionary because they were ready… they changed the world because they were brave enough to accept that they never would be … and did it anyway. 💪

I love this picture of Sara in her Spanx shirt. She shared that she ironed the letters on the first ones she had. It was basically all she wore for the first 4 years straight along with white pants and Spanx, of course!  She was selling fax machines when got the idea for Spanx when she saw panty lines under her white pants! She worked so very hard to bring Spanx to market and grow the company to where it is now. But she put her personal life on hold, not marrying or having kids until later than many women. 

I stumbled across another Sarah on Linkedin I also admire, Sarah Blankenship. A former single mom who married last year, she has also chosen a “non-traditional career” vowing that she will never return to the office full-time or even hybrid because she wants the flexibility to have time with her son. For which she was was labeled “lazy” “out of touch” and “full of herself” by CEOs & business owners and managers.

In years past it’s often been a choice between career and motherhood, 

OR a big balancing act between the two.

In 2020 and beyond women chose to leave the traditional workplace in The Great Resignation to live the “AND” Life. Women don’t have to choose between Career and Life any longer.👏 Today’s economy offers so many options for a work life that offers more balance. 

I’ve got friends of all ages who have “cottage”  businesses: online clothing for kids or adults, candles, cookware, then there’s monograming, screen-printing, painting, jewelry-making, sewing, baking, cooking, cosmetology, cleaning for others, tutoring/teaching all kinds of lessons for children or adults, etc.  One of my friends bakes, sews, and prints t-shirts!

Although I enjoy sewing, painting, baking, I really don’t want to do it for the public!

I taught swimming in the summer for YEARS; it took up a lot of my time between scheduling and teaching. JT asked me to quit when I achieved an advanced degree because he missed me being home in the afternoons. (I also paid a high price as far as my skin was concerns and  it’s probably how I developed melanoma also. 😢)

There are lots of good options for women to bring in streams of income now, but you have to  find one that works for you, that you’re passionate about, that you’re willing to work at, and here’s the litmus test for me~ one that doesn’t take too much time away from your family or takeover your home!  

That’s why I’m big on Ecommerce options, especially consumable products. 

Of course, my skin issues led me to Rodan + Fields. 🙌

I wanted something to address my aging, sun-damaged skin, something flexible, that worked around our life, calendar, and that would go with me wherever I went.   

Another reason I love doing what I do is the chance to help others transform their skin with the help of our products.

Many of my customers are dealing with mature skin, wrinkles and dry skin. That’s what I know about! I educate them about how to exfoliate, moisturize, hydrate and protect their skin. Some have added our Hydration Serum containing hyaluronic acid to their skincare routine. I’m sharing a before and after pic below to show the difference it can make.

Then there’s our daughter, who is dealing with hormonal acne and aging. She’s turning 34 on Saturday and thought she was finished with it but it’s back😢 plus she’s at that time in life where you need to address aging too. Thankfully I can guide her to find a routine that will work for both. That’s what I do.

I help people find solutions for their skin issues.  It’s one of my “Super Powers.” You know as women, we have lots of them! 😉

If you’re looking for skin (and now hair) solutions or a way to help others with their solve these issues, you can schedule a consultation with me here:

Or look around my website:

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