The Making of a Bird Nerd

It’s James Audubon’s birthday. He traveled, studied & painted birds in the 1800s. 🕊🦅🦆🦜🦢🦃🦉🐧🐦🦩 When I was at Mississippi State back in the day we went to the library during breaks to do research the old fashioned way 😬 & study for tests during our breaks. (Who remembers that era ???? 😄) I loved toContinue reading “The Making of a Bird Nerd”

Valentines & Galentine’s

Everybody knows about Valentine’s Day but many have never heard of Galentine’s Day. It’s not an official holiday (just yet) but should be. It started with Leslie Knope, a fictional character from Parks & Recreation, who had all of her closest girlfriends over on February 13th for a brunch full of love & waffles. It’sContinue reading “Valentines & Galentine’s”

When Everything Changed

It seems like in an instant—everything changed. Life has changed over the past two years. The pandemic has changed healthcare dramatically and has taken its toll on ALL of our healthcare professionals (as well as other professionals and Most ALL of the people I know). February 3rd was Women’s Physicians Day and I attended a virtualContinue reading “When Everything Changed”

Attempting a Pet Portrait

A blank sheet of paper can be intimidating for me … I’ve been working in trying to paint our little dachshund.It’s the first time I’ve ever tried to do an animal. It’s tough trying to capture her uniqueness. Getting the proportions of her features right is a challenge! I’ve also tried different mediums, first acrylics,Continue reading “Attempting a Pet Portrait”