A dumbbell and a donut meet at Barre class…

Here’s the punch line… The dumbbell said to the donut, “ Ya wanna help me kill 10 -15 minutes?” Would you eat a donut while working out? I’m guilty of the “halo effect.”  Have you ever heard of this? The halo effect… it’s thinking “I’m working out so I can have that little 70 calorieContinue reading “A dumbbell and a donut meet at Barre class…”

What’s Your Super Power?

Today is Theodor Seuss Geisel’s birthday, (better known as Dr. Seuss). His wit and wisdom inspire me greatly. When I was teaching I so enjoyed Read Across America Day & week sharing the thoughtful, inspirational messages in his children’s books. Many of them are modern-day fables that show us how to treat others with kindnessContinue reading “What’s Your Super Power?”

Hacks & Recipes from a Sweet Potato Queen (wannabe)

I don’t know about you,  but I didn’t know it was Cook a Sweet Potato Day !  I love sweet potatoes and while I’m not really a member of the Sweet Potato Queens, I do love the sisterhood that promotes self-esteem, empowerment, & positive thinking for women !  But, I digress… back to the vegetable.Continue reading “Hacks & Recipes from a Sweet Potato Queen (wannabe)”