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The Lilies

I had Maeley pose by my stargazers the other day. I’ve been watching the buds open one by one each day, savoring them each day because I know their beauty is temporary (as is our life). This morning God brought these verses to mind as I read my devotional. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (MatthewContinue reading “The Lilies”


When I graduated from college I taught 7th -10th grade English. I learned that not everyone really likes English class but one of my favorite things about teaching it was the rich literature we read and discussed.  Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and Langston Hughes were among my favorites.  What I loved the most was ourContinue reading “If”


If you want to Talk about #Privilege, think about this ~ It is a Privilege to be an #American! 🇺🇸 My heart hurts when I see what’s on the news.  People fighting over the smallest things… some are so selfish .   I don’t really understand how we can become so mean and nasty,  set on having our ownContinue reading “#AmericanPrivilege”


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