When the rivets are loose…

I’m writing this to my Teacher Friends, but also to many women who are struggling. Please be sure you’re taking some time for yourself. You’re so busy taking care of EVERY THING & EVERY BODY. You’re probably burning the candle at both ends …make sure you don’t burn yourself completely out. My mom was inContinue reading “When the rivets are loose…”

How’s Your Skin Really Doing?

Today is a notable day for several reasons, one I’d really rather not note though… On July 8, 2013 my dermatologist called to deliver a diagnosis of malignant melanoma just 10 days after I started my skincare business. I don’t really think that was a coincidence – which is why I preach skin cancer prevention!Continue reading “How’s Your Skin Really Doing?”

The Making of a Bird Nerd

It’s James Audubon’s birthday. He traveled, studied & painted birds in the 1800s. 🕊🦅🦆🦜🦢🦃🦉🐧🐦🦩 When I was at Mississippi State back in the day we went to the library during breaks to do research the old fashioned way 😬 & study for tests during our breaks. (Who remembers that era ???? 😄) I loved toContinue reading “The Making of a Bird Nerd”