Gorgeous Grandmas

It’s Gorgeous Grandma Day which celebrates women over the age of 50 and encourages them to defy society’s standards and live it up a bit. Most of the time, we see our grandmothers in a stereotypical old-fashioned way. Grandmothers are expected to be calm, collected, have an outdated style. My maternal grandmother, Emily, fit thatContinue reading “Gorgeous Grandmas”

Need a Bigger Closet or a Cleanout?

Our Sunday school lesson this morning was on a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for a while… Sometimes I think I need a bigger closet….it’s not going to be on any of those tv shows that feature dream closets that look more like a swanky boutique, for sure! As it gets warmer IContinue reading “Need a Bigger Closet or a Cleanout?”

A dumbbell and a donut meet at Barre class…

Here’s the punch line… The dumbbell said to the donut, “ Ya wanna help me kill 10 -15 minutes?” Would you eat a donut while working out? I’m guilty of the “halo effect.”  Have you ever heard of this? The halo effect… it’s thinking “I’m working out so I can have that little 70 calorieContinue reading “A dumbbell and a donut meet at Barre class…”