I started the day in His word. I have a little vignette on the table featuring the empty tomb with the stone rolled away under the three crosses to remind us of Holy Week and Easter.

After finishing my Bible study left the house to take a short run.

They’re working on the levee at the lake so the water level is way down, revealing lots of stumps. 

I’ve been looking at them and thinking about how many times I skied over those stumps, not even aware that they were just below the surface. 

As I ran by these stumps  I was keenly aware of God’s protection. 

There are times when we know immediately that God protected us from threats and then there are times when we are not aware of His protection (or provision) until many years later. 

This I know and can put my trust in:

He knows what’s lurking under the surface. 

He sees what’s down the road. 

He knows it all. 

He sees it all. 

He has seen it all.

He has known it all.

He knew that it was going to be necessary to rescue us from our sins on that cross… that cross that was made from the very tree that He created.

When He created mankind He knew that He was going to ultimately rescue us from ourselves but He created us with free will anyway.


Because He doesn’t want robots.

He wants people who will put their faith in Him and follow Him willingly.

He’s there with us through all of our rebellion, every eye roll, every wrong turn.

He loves us through it all, uses all of it, walks through all of it with us, reaching out to us all the time to bring us into the fold.

He loves us that much. He’s waiting for us at the foot of that cross.

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