Did you know that today was Barbara Millicent Roberts’ 63rd Birthday ?🤔

Who?? 😅

Barbie! 😄

Who besides me didn’t know her name? 🙋‍♀️

Yep, Today is #nationalbarbieday & she’s 63!

She’s come a long way over the years and so has the range of Barbie dolls!
We were pretty amazed last year when we went shopping with this Barbie-loving gal ! 🤩

Although Barbie has her haters I do love her message today to girls:

You can be anything !

Barbie has 150 professions including my fave ~ Entrepreneur Barbie . 😁

The thing that really floored me was how detailed the Dream House is now! Maeley wanted me to buy it for her birthday but I deferred to her momma since it had 175 pieces!!! 😬

She did end up getting it 😆

I’ve searched for the Dream House I had handed down to me from my cousins, Beverly & Kristi.

It was a cardboard house that had cardboard furniture, little coat hangers & folded up into a carrying case you could wag around (It’s on EBay for $125 now 😳) .

I also found a picture of a Barbie birthday cake that I think I had one year. 🤔
I remember seeing it in the old bakery shop on Park Street across from First Baptist. It was pretty much every little girls’ Dream Cake !

How many Barbies did you have as a kid?

I think I had Barbie, Midge & Skipper 🤔

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