I’m so very thankful for our family’s health and the gift of time. 

We have many friends & family who have been and are going through illnesses… our prayer list is filled with them!! 

Every day that We can get out of the bed and walk around (or run) is a good day ! 

I once read an article entitled “Give Thanks and Give Someone Your Time.”

It was a great read about how and who we spend our time with. 

Time with family and friends  is most precious. I’ll never regret the time I have spent with them.  

But I definitely do regret the times I was “too busy” at work to visit. 

Mama was good about visiting with people and set a good example for us to follow. 

JT talks about how his parents visited with their families almost every Sunday afternoon. 

The article also had a reference to Bear Bryant. 

It’s reported that he kept pieces of paper in his pocket: a prayer about time and a story about $86,400 (actually seconds) we have in a day and about how much more important it is than money!

I’ve heard it said that “Time is the only thing you can’t make more of” and it’s true. 

I’m really trying to get better at managing my time and making the most of it. I often make a list of things I need or want to do. 

I’m a “Martha “ kind of gal !!! ( I do think she gets a bad rap though because without the “Marthas” things wouldn’t get done ! ) 

I pray daily that God will help me have a productive day…there’s so much I want to do. 

But sometimes I struggle with getting my to-do list finished vs. spending time with people. 

I get down on myself when I don’t get that list checked off ✔️

I’m trying to be more of a “Mary” kind of gal. I’m praying that God will show me what’s more important , what He wants me to do, who to spend time with and give me the wisdom to choose well.

Today I used 3600 seconds to run for the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I ran to give them more time with their families.

Fundraising for St. Jude’s is a huge part of my heart. It’s a place where miracles happen… where children and young people are healed so they can live.

We give thanks that our little granddaughter is healthy and we give to St. Jude’s for those kids who are not.

Use your 86,400 seconds to Live Well, Bless Others and Give Thanks for Every Day ! 

Please consider giving to the children and families of St. Jude’s


Still #initforstjudes


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