Fueled by Dreams and Coffee…

The other day I was flipping through a circular that came in the mail. I spied a coffee maker that makes lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and even cold-brew in addition to coffee!

I was intrigued because I’ve been a big coffee lover since I was about 5.

My mind took me back in time to the kitchen table of a dear neighbor on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Pontotoc Street where I sat drinking coffee with my sweet neighbor, Annie.

The neighborhood where I spent the younger years of my childhood was full of wonderful neighbors, some with grown children, like Annie and Hubert, those with teens and young children like my family, as well as a few who had not yet become parents. It was a great part of town in which to grow up.

When sales papers came in the mail I would take them as if they were my own and practice copying the letters and numbers contained in the ads. ( I didn’t go to kindergarten because my parents both worked and I had a sitter)

As with many pre-school children, my writing consisted of a jumble of random letters and numbers.

But the desire to learn these letters and write words was strong within me.

I knew I wanted to write even at that age and told everyone that I was writing a book.

On many mornings, I took my writings and went to visit Annie, who was a talented seamstress and coffee drinker. She would take a break from her sewing and pour me what would now be known as a white coffee. It was really more like a cup of milk with a little coffee. I immediately fell in love with the delicious taste and delectable smell of coffee !

Annie would listen as I read my book. We sipped our coffee and talked. She probably did a lot more listening than talking as I was even then full of ideas and words.

She was a jewel of a woman who took the time to send a few moments with a precocious little neighbor-girl and aspiring writer. Even now the wonderful sound of her laughter brings a smile to my face.

I’m working on developing the weekly discipline of that writing thing because practice definitely helps a writer develop their style and improve. I would imagine it’s a never-ending process for many writers aided by a good cup of coffee or yummy variation thereof.

I ended up ordering that amazing coffee-maker and am enjoying it so much, especially on these chillier days. It’s a little Christmas gift to myself I decided to indulge in for the season ahead. It’s also something my hubby and I will use every day. It will definitely bring a little warmth and inspiration to the cold days this winter (and hopefully fuel my writing).

Life can be challenging these days. I hope my writings also bring a little warmth, inspiration, even optimism, to you as well.

This quote by Abigail Reynolds really resonates with me…

” I like my coffee with cream and my literature with optimism.”

Me too, Abigail. Me too.

P.S. If you’d like to take a look at that wonderful coffee maker that I’m enjoying so much, I’ve included a link to it below. I purchased it on Amazon and like it so much that I made an affiliate link for it. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases for products I like and recommend but it doesn’t cost you any more.

I really enjoy this coffee maker, especially the cold/hot frother !

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