Being a Joseph

I’m reading from Genesis 45 this morning and studying from Max Lucado’s “ You’ll Get Through This.”  Joseph  had been trafficked by his very family, falsely accused, jailed and had justice delayed for two years by the cupbearer to Pharaoh.  Through  God’s Providence and Sovereignty he ended up in the position of authority over theContinue reading “Being a Joseph”

You really are what you eat…

Who would have ever thought that the most frequently asked question in our day-to-day lives would be “What’s for Supper?” When you go shopping be mindful of what you put in your cart. Take a REALLY good look at WHAT you are FEEDING YOURSELF and those YOU LOVE…the battle for YOUR HEALTH begins right there.InContinue reading “You really are what you eat…”

My Journey to Health, Fitness and Weight Loss

I’ve struggled with my appetite & weight since I was a child. My love of food and the fact that my eyes were bigger than my stomach were the main culprits. My dad loved to cook. He enjoyed seeing people enjoy what he cooked. I loved to eat ! Eventually there was going to beContinue reading “My Journey to Health, Fitness and Weight Loss”

My Top Tips for Looking Younger (and Feeling Great) !

Things have changed in the last year and I’m determined to come out of this situation better than I was when I went into it. Here are my Tips… Tip 1: Eat Well I’m always working on controlling my sweet tooth and getting better foods into my body because I believe you become what youContinue reading “My Top Tips for Looking Younger (and Feeling Great) !”

Mothers and Other Sheroes

Thank you to all of the Moms and Other Sheroes out there. You make life better each and every day ! You are the one who is there to tend to the hurts, bring encouraging words and make everything alright.  Proverbs 31 best sums up the virtuous woman…. 25 She is clothed with strength and dignity;    she can laughContinue reading “Mothers and Other Sheroes”