Thanksgivings Past

attitudeofgratitude ( &TBT)

Beautiful but cool morning that put some pep in my step! 🏃‍♀️

🥰 This family picture of the Young Sisters!

For as long as I can remember ( and before that I’m sure ) my mom’s family has shared lunch together on Thanksgiving Day.

I have LOTS of fond memories of those days .

Many of those years the meal was at our Aunt Frances and Uncle Travis’ home.

Five of the six sisters were within driving range and bring their children so there was a big crowd. The time together was full of delicious food like Aunt Frances’ turkey, ambrosia and her oh, so moist coconut cake!

This family is divided between Ole Miss and Miss State so there was always talk of the Egg Bowl !

One Thanksgiving Kevin came in the door wearing an “Archie Who ?” button and I’m pretty sure that same year he told a very small Brian to come down the stairs from the den saying some choice words about Ole Miss !

Brian is still a Bulldog tried and true and You can bet he will be at the game today !! #hailstate

The kids always sat together at the kids’ table in the kitchen and the adults sat at the big table in the dining room . The kids continued to grow up and marry but always sat together.

I remember someone saying,
“ When do we get to move up from the kids’ table ? ”

Eventually in the early 90s ( I think) we started gathering at my cousin, Beverly’s home.

All the aunts and most of the cousins had specific foods that everyone expected them to bring and if they didn’t, they were almost shamed .

Mother always brought oyster casserole, Frances brought the turkey, Bobbye brought ham, squash dressing and peach congealed salad, Nancy HAD to bring angel biscuits and blueberry or cherry layered dessert.

Somebody has to make Aunt Frances’ chocolate pies & this year that was my contribution. ( Good Cooking in Winston County ” p. 44)

Our newest family member, Bridgitte, outdid herself making homemade rolls, a delicious chocolate meringue pie & a hummingbird cake! 😋😋😋

It kooks like my cousin Leslie , will have the task of frying a turkey every year 😁 😜

My cousin’s wife, Mandy, makes a
fabulous macaroni and cheese is always a hit !

My sister, Emily, usually cooks sweet potatoes.

It is understood that when you marry you’re expected to bring a dish.

Although the food is a special part of our gatherings, the most important thing is the Family .

I’m so thankful for these aunts, uncles, cousins, and spouses and the time we get to spend together.

This year we had to make a few changes and sadly, some were sick and some had to work. They were missed !

I hope we can all be together next year but as we all know, we’re not promised tomorrow.

We’ve lost people since lastThanksgiving.

So this year, put the past, the politics and all those “hot button” issues aside.

Be together, make lots of memories.

And take tons of pictures.

I know some people don’t like to be in pictures (My Momma) but do it anyway.

They are snapshots of life along the way.

Those pictures last long after the people and our memories have faded.

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all! 🙌🏻🍁🦃🍠

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