Fall Skin for the Win!

There’s a lot to love about fall, like the fashion & fun, stylish hats, but dry, flaky skin is

NOT at the top of my list, probably not yours either.

As the season progresses and cooler, often drier weather sets in, here are some tips to help you manage the dry skin that comes with the autumn leaves!

First, a little biology lesson…

Babies produce NEW skin cells every 7-14 days.

But this renewal process slows as we age.

3 – 4 weeks for teenagers

4 – 6 weeks for 20 – 40 year-olds

After 50 it becomes even more sluggish taking 45-90 days!

Here are some ways we can increase cell turnover and reveal more youthful-looking skin:

1. Exfoliate with our MICRODERMABRASION PASTE regularly. I used this salt/sugar scrub last night and my skin feels so soft & immediately looks brighter! I use the paste 2-3 times a week to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of my skin that cause dullness and blocked pores. (If you have sensitive skin, wet fingers first for a gentler scrub)

I use Microdermabrasion Paste from my face to my feet for an all-over exfoliating scrub.

2. Add hydration from the inside by drinking lots of water and from the outside with ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM-

Hydrated skin not only looks younger but it ACTS younger.

Serums are packed with concentrated ingredients that deliver a potent dose of goodness for your skin. AHS includes our 3D3P Molecular Matrix that contains 30% Glycerin and naturally-occurring Hyaluronic Acid to draw moisture from the atmosphere and lock it on the surface of the skin.

It increases your skins hydration level by 200% instantly and maintains your skin’s moisture in the areas where you need it. So if you have combination skin or an oily T-zone, no worries; AHS is oil-free! It will not clog your pores and it’s very gentle so it’s a great option for sensitive skin.

It also encourages better absorption of products and skin cell renewal and comes in a Body Cream. Think of a wet sponge vs a dry one. (See the hand picture below!)

Even Younger Skin benefits from Hydration
Our Body Replenish Cream hydrates skin without a greasy feel.


My next step is the ONLY serum to contain RETINAL & be gentle enough for every day use by ALL skin types. RETINAL is 20x stronger than retinol, which is well known for its ability to speed up skin cell turnover, slough away dead skin cells and boost collagen and elastin making my skin more vibrant and radiant (Yours too).

Intensive Renewing Serum is very effective on fine lines and wrinkles.

4. TOTAL RF SERUM ~ My New HERO PRODUCT address the ALL the signs of aging. It’s the ONLY Serum that’s comprehensive .

Why you need it: Surface skin cells are affected by age and environmental factors. They lose energy and ability to turnover. Total RF Serum revitalizes your skin. It helps your skin become stronger, healthier, and more resilient.

It addresses Wrinkles, Loss of Firmness, Fine Lines, Uneven Skin Texture + Tone, Dullness, Dry Skin, Enlarged Pores. It’s suitable for Normal, Dry, Combination, & Oily skin. ( As with all products containing active ingredients, those with sensitive skin should patch test on the jaw)

I’ve been using it for 7 weeks and love the difference I’m seeing…increased firmness on the nasolabial folds ( AKA the parentheses) and my jawline. My skin also feels tighter.


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