A Painful but Positive Flashback

September 1st was Acne Positivity Day… as day set aside to “spread a message of acceptance and self-love while putting our best face forward.”

The day encourages people to alleviate of the stigma associated with acne. Acne is a skin condition that annoys, frustrates, and hinders us; for some it is a devastating blow to self-image. BUT it is a challenge that can be overcome. Acne can make us feel vulnerable, we don’t have to suffer with it and let it steal our confidence.

When I found out about this day I immediately went back to those days when I felt frustrated by breakouts… when I had pimples that popped up on my face, it was a big disappointment and annoyance. I felt like going into hiding. It made me want to retreat from school, from my friends, from life.

But I didn’t retreat or let breakouts keep me from doing the things I enjoyed.

Eighth Grade was hard…

In my eighth grade school picture, I can see my newly straightened smile, probably the first picture I had made after getting my braces off…but I can also see those pimples I was so desperately trying to cover up.

As school picture time rolled around I was probably frantic. I wanted to get rid of pimples as soon as possible and I tried several different strategies to do that. I used rubbing alcohol to try and dry them up but that seemed only to work after they’d been popped so I tried to get the “plug” out by squeezing it.

If I couldn’t pop the pimple, I tried to use tweezers and even a sterilized needle to get the the blackhead or whitehead out!

Acne itself can cause scarring but my efforts caused even more textural problems. My experiences should serve as a lesson on what NOT to do about pimples !

I erroneously thought that staying out in the sun helped lessen the number of breakouts so I spent a lot of time in the sun trying to avoid them and I dreaded the winter months because I thought me breakouts would increase.

I talked my mom into letting me use a heat lamp on my face to prevent breakouts.

We just didn’t know much about acne at that time. We were told that acne was caused by poor diet. I tried to eat healthier!

We didn’t have very effective products to address the prevention of breakouts… we basically did spot-treatment on them when they occurred and tried to cover them up. I’ve heard it described as “playing whack-a-pimple.”

And yet, I was one of those “lucky ones” who only had around 5 pimples per month. I had friends and classmates who had a countless pimples that caused severe scarring. Those whose parents had the means were taken to a dermatologist and given prescriptions for meds that would dry their face out so much they peeled.

Those who didn’t have the means were sadly shunned, made fun of, and/or left out.

I know kids and adults can make comments that are either thoughtless or even cruel at times. I sincerely hope that we would all stop ourselves from adding to the stigma. Instead I would hope that we would spread that message of acceptance, positivity and self-love to those who are dealing with acne.

I’m thankful that we know know so much more about what causes acne today and how to effectively deal with it. The earlier it’s addressed the less damage it can cause to skin and self-confidence. While acne can not be cured, it can be controlled. Helping those that are prone to breakouts find solutions is one of the most enjoyable parts of my business.

To those who are dealing with it, I would like to say, ” You are more than your acne. You are a person with purpose, worthy of acceptance and love. Don’t let acne steal your self-confidence. Find a way to overcome this hurdle and break the acne cycle… You’ll learn how to come out on top of challenges like these. Be like that girl in the picture who is smiling in spite of the pimples. Go out there and live your life. ”

If you’re searching for a way to break the acne cycle, please reach out to me personally or take this skin quiz. You will receive an email with a recommendation for products specifically suggested for you. Don’t let acne damage your skin or your confidence. https://dinahsmith.myrandf.com/solution-tool

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