Do You Know Your Numbers?

Y’all, I started intermittent fasting in July of 2019. I started to lose weight pretty quickly. I easily dropped from 120 to 110 within 4 months and was able to maintain through the holidays. My weight stayed between 110- 113 and I was happy !

I fast on alternating days for the most part… M, W, F, and S. It’s important to control your weight but that’s not the only number to watch. You also need to watch blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol … I just got my lipid profile back and my cholesterol has crept up over the past few years to the HIGH range !

I was hoping it would be better this year since I was fasting.

This condition runs in Dad’s family and can lead to stroke or heart attack.

Two things you can’t control are your genes and your age.

However, what I eat and my activity are within my control. I’m committed to getting my cholesterol down without meds as long as possible.

What I’m already doing… working out almost daily in one way or another:

Some days I use weights, machines, and barre. I run two to three days per week.

NOW, I’m going to make sure I get 30 minutes of cardio each day.

We are taking or adding supplements like ground flaxseed, psyllium, fish oil, Niacin, and red yeast rice.

NOW, I’m adding tumeric and checking into a possibly better fish oil.

We are eating as healthy as my husband will eat without a fuss but …

NOW, I’m adding in even more fiber, veggies, beans and fish.

Thank goodness for Pinterest !

I’m using smoothies ( I need to work on the hubs a little too…) to pack in as much fiber and HDL foods (cholesterol lowering foods) but

NOW, I’m stepping that up as well.

Here are a few recipes I found on Pinterest that lower cholesterol. These can be meal-replacements.

I used to go through blenders pretty quickly because most burn up crushing ice but the last one I bought was an inexpensive Ninja blender/ chopper set. I use it at least 3-4 times a week. I’ve had it 6 years so far. I’ve been looking on Amazon to see if I want to upgrade when it eventually burns out but it’s still the lowest priced model !

NOTE: If you choose to purchase a Ninja blender using one of my links, I will make a small commission but it will NOT affect your price at all !

Here’s another manually operated one with a chopper and processing bowl.

If you want a model that’s more like a blender with automatic settings, this one is the best priced and has a processing attachment too. It would be good for frozen beverages.

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