Dear Maeley,

I want you to know that you come from a line of very strong women. When we read Proverbs 31 together one day I want you think of all those in our family who came before you that worked very hard to provide for their husbands and children.
Like the Proverbs 31 Woman, they were all “more precious than jewels.”

They were trusted and respected highly-respected women of good character. They rose early to provide nutritious food for their children and husbands. They were wise women who worked with their hands; many of them sewed to clothe their children and provide items for the house. They knew the value of hard work and how to make their money go far.

They themselves were clothed with strength and honor. They saved and were ready for hard times. They watched over the activities of their household and were very seldom idle. Although they were all beautiful women on the outside, it was what was on the inside that made them even more so. They were women whose faith was in the Lord. I want to tell you about the ones I was privileged to know.

There was your great-great grandmother, Emily Chambliss Young. She and her husband, Q.C., had seven children in all, six girls and one little boy, Quintus, Jr. He was her fifth child and a joy to the family, but he developed leukemia and passed away at the age of four.

I’m sure it broke her heart, as it would any mother, but she found strength in the Lord and went on to care for her six daughters. All of the “Young Girls” were reared to be strong women of faith.

And all of whom left their mark on this world: Charlotte, Frances, Jewell, Bobbye, Nancy, and your great grandmother, RoseMary.
RoseMary was a very smart and hard-working woman who, as she put it, “had various and sundry jobs” throughout her life. After graduating from high-school she worked on the “switch board” at the telephone company and later at Taylor Machine Works. She was secretary at First United Methodist Church, a clerk at King’s Economy & Appliances and, later, the Sheriff/Tax Accessor’s office. She finished her career at Louisville Utilities and could tell you where everyone in town lived, as well as, who their relatives were. She loved to cook, work in her yard and was a great friend and encourager to many.
She and your great-grandfather, John, had two daughters, your great-aunt Emily and me. They reared them to be strong women who knew how to work hard; both became teachers.

Maeley, I long to tell you more about the strong women in your lineage and leave you with that legacy of faith and hard work. Every time you read Proverbs 31 I want you to think of these women and say to yourself, “ This is the model of what God desires ALL His daughters to be.”

Much love,

P.S. Don’t forget to leave that little sparkle everywhere you go…


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