A dumbbell and a donut meet at Barre class…

Do you do this?

Here’s the punch line…

The dumbbell said to the donut, “ Ya wanna help me kill 10 -15 minutes?”

Would you eat a donut while working out?

I’m guilty of the “halo effect.”  Have you ever heard of this?

The halo effect… it’s thinking “I’m working out so I can have that little 70 calorie donut.”  I’m so guilty of that although I don’t do it a lot !

Here’s another example of something I was doing every day that wasn’t smart….

I used to go to an esthetician twice a year for a chemical peel and microdermabrasion thinking I was doing something good for my skin. 

I was very curious to see what she thought about my sun damage. She said it wasn’t as bad as some she’d seen. I was relieved. 

 BUT then she asked me a question…” Are you using sunscreen every day ?”

I replied, “My makeup has spf 15 !” She said, “That’s not enough. What we’re doing to your face is not doing any good at all if you’re not wearing at least 30 spf every day. “

Yikes! What I was doing was counterproductive.

When You Know Better, You Do Better. Now I use an spf of 50 and I use effective products every day that give me better results than an occasional visit to the esthetician.

When it comes to your skin, what you see is the tip of the iceberg, especially with dark spots and discoloration. 

I realized that I’m guilty of the “halo effect.” 

BUT it’s also about YOU. 

Today, I’m inviting you to comment below and tell me… are you doing this like I am ? 

If you’re interested in doing better for your the health of your skin I’m ready to help you get your best skin at the best prices on the best products without an hour+  doctor’s visit.  After we determine which products are right for your skin, the order will be shipped straight to your door. I call our flexible Preferred Customer subscription program the ” Prime” of Skincare Products. You get to edit any future orders and choose the products; even the date.

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Hey ! Let me introduce myself. I'm a passionate soul who loves life ! My dabblings are many but I focus on FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS, FOOD and FUN ! Those are the things I'll be sharing about in this blog. I'm hoping you will get some value here and find things that will improve your life and outlook. I'm here to help others find a way to live a healthier, more satisfying life and love the skin they're in. If that's interesting to you, lets connect.

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