Valentines & Galentine’s

Everybody knows about Valentine’s Day but many have never heard of Galentine’s Day.

It’s not an official holiday (just yet) but should be.

It started with Leslie Knope, a fictional character from Parks & Recreation, who had all of her closest girlfriends over on February 13th for a brunch full of love & waffles.

It’s all about celebrating Friendships with your friends, especially your Gal Pals !

Our Little Grand with Momma’s Valentines

I have a few vintage valentines from my Mom’s grade school years that she had saved and I love to decorate with! I also have a special one that’s framed which belonged to my Aunt Bernice, given to her by her best friend, Virginia, with a picture of my aunt at Virginia’s birthday party. My mom and my aunt both treasured these cards because they treasured their relationships with friends.

In fact when my aunt was in the nursing home in her later years experiencing dementia, she talked about her friend, Virginia, quite a bit. She recalled all of the fun times they had as children growing up in the Depression Era.

She asked me if Virginia was still alive. I talked to some people in our town who told me that Virginia had passed away.

That picture was probably the last one taken of Aunt Bernice before she was stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis .

When I look at this frame I think about how they’re celebrating their friendship in Heaven now .

What a special place our childhood friends and memories hold in our minds! 🥰

They stay with us in the recesses of our brain even when we can’t remember what we had for breakfast, lunch or what day it is.

When I was in Brownies way back, we learned a little song:

Make new friends

But keep the old.

One is silver &

The other’s Gold!

Oh how I cherish the memories made with my friends,

Especially the Gold !

Did you have a special Gal Pal (or Friend) when you were a child?

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