When Everything Changed

It seems like in an instant—everything changed.
Life has changed over the past two years.

The pandemic has changed healthcare dramatically and has taken its toll on ALL of our healthcare professionals (as well as other professionals and Most ALL of the people I know).

February 3rd was Women’s Physicians Day and I attended a virtual event with several medical professionals.

I want to introduce you to a friend, an ER physician,  Dr. Trace’ Dotson.

Dr. Trace’ Dotson

I so admire her for many reasons…. her accomplishments, service, and commitment to her family.

As women we tend to juggle a lot, attempting to balance all of our work responsibilities, caring for our families and others, often sacrificing ourselves in the process.

These days medical professionals are experiencing burnout at an even faster rate than before and some are opting out of the field.

Trace’ shared, “ It’s so much more than you see, it’s so much more than you know, but we do it.
We rise early (it was dark when I prepared for work), we leave late (sucks when it’s dark going home too).

We leave our families, we miss weekend getaways, games, concerts, & holidays.

We have to strategically plan ‘down time’.

 And we still see the faces, feel the depth of those we could not save, of those who could not breathe despite all the efforts, despite our expertise. 

We took an oath, we didn’t claim perfection, and while some days I’m allowed to feel super and envision my cape and high heel boots…..the average day, takes strength to endure, takes prayers, takes pancakes, takes “I see you, I feel you, I am you.”

Dr. Trace’ said: “Early on I didn’t have a sense of limitation and I felt I could accomplish anything with hard work.”

Shortly after receiving a doctorate in osteopathic medicine, she discovered she was pregnant – something she found a blessing rather than a hindrance, and it didn’t get in her way of completing her residency.

“It was definitely challenging to be new in medical practice and pregnant, but I knew my faith would keep me. As the only African American in my training class, I felt I had a duty to succeed so that others could see that it was possible.”

Then Tracé began a busy career as an emergency medicine physician and her family continued to grow.

To be as present as possible in her children’s lives, she chose to work overnight, often coming home after 7 AM, only sleeping while her children were at school.

Although she loved her career in the ER, she wasn’t getting the amount of family time she craved.  When her three eldest children had all grown and left home, she realized that her teenage son would now be alone in the evenings due to her husband’ s schedule as a chef.

“I looked at the quality of life I wanted for my son and I knew I needed more time with him. I didn’t want to be away from him in the evenings and sacrifice his needs for my job. “

After meeting Jennifer Tang on a physician mom’s group, Tracé learned about Rodan + Fields.

“Everything she posted was about what her team had accomplished. It was beautiful to see that sense of empowerment in these women.”

She and Jennifer became friends, and Tracé was inspired by the idea of building her own community & the chance to earn extra income so she could work part-time at the ER and be with her family.

Tracé says her business keeps her refreshed. She’s excited about the possibilities her business has – not just to give her the time freedom she needs to be more present for her son, but also to provide others with a sense of community and empower those who feel they aren’t properly recognized for their contributions.

“I want everyone to have this experience. I have fallen in love with the people in my R+F community and with sharing it with others so they can have this too.”

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 to all of the Women Physicians & Healthcare Professionals in our ranks who are balancing their careers & time with their families with the help of their R+F Businesses. 

What we’ve seen in the Great Resignation & She-cession is that many women are now weary of someone else dictating their schedules. They want to gain more flexibility and control over their calendar. 

In a nutshell, that’s what R+F is about; it’s a vehicle to achieve balance between career and family along with time freedom.

So Why Rodan + Fields you may be wondering?
Well, for starters, this company was founded by two doctors who revolutionized the acne industry with their multi-med therapy approach to not just treating acne but to preventing it.

Secondly, they are visionaries who saw the need for applying the multi-med approach to common concerns they see in their dermatology practices.

Thirdly, put their names on the products, staking their reputation on them. They continue to develop innovative products to meet the needs of consumers.

Finally, they had the business insight to see the future of e-commerce and pull their products out of the retail space, launching them into the direct sales channel.

By doing so, they again risked their reputations to allow entrepreneurs to represent their products and brand. In doing so they created a business model that offers flexibility and the possibility to generate a stream of income on their time schedule which empowers individuals with more choices.

We have several new programs to help provide affordable options to start a business and to accelerate our Consultants’ progress in building a flexible career option.

Please take a look at the information included in these links and contact me for more information about partnering with my team of consultants.

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