It’s the Climb

Happy 2022 ~ What a beautiful New Years’ Day it was! 

I went for a run this morning in short sleeves. 

This hill is a tough one. I’m not sure of the grade but it’s certainly a challenging one to run or walk! 

It reminds me of the last two years. They’ve been a definite challenge for us all. 

I was working out with a friend the other day who’s new to the gym. We were talking about how to challenge yourself on the treadmill. 

It made me think about the different places I run. 

When I run on the road at the beach there’s no real challenge except the distance.  Running on the sand is much challenging. 

Where I usually run there are a few hills BUT nothing like this one! 😅

At the beginning of 2020 we naively thought it was going to be a year of perfect vision BUT we didn’t anticipate what was ahead. 

Then this time last year we were sure that 2021 was going to be so much better; that the pandemic would come to an end BUT it was also like that hill, full of challenges. 

I’m a huge optimist when it comes to a new year but I also realize that each year has its blessings as well as its hills. 

Still I choose to run up those hills looking more at the positives of doing it and have faith, knowing that those steep hills I climb make me stronger. 

2022 will have its hills and by the grace of God, we will have the strength to climb them ! 

When I was running “The Climb” was running through my head: 

There’s always going to be another mountain; 
always gonna be an uphill battle.
It’s not about how fast I get there; 
not about what’s waiting on the other side. 
It’s the climb. 

These are the moments we will remember most ….
and we will tell our stories to those that come after us just as my parents told me stories about The Great Depression. 
They’ll be part of who we become. 
The struggles we’re facing might knock us down but we’re not breaking.

“Keep on moving, keep climbing
Keep the faith, baby
It's all about, it's all about the climb
Keep your faith, keep your faith”

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Hey ! Let me introduce myself. I'm a passionate soul who loves life ! My dabblings are many but I focus on FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS, FOOD and FUN ! Those are the things I'll be sharing about in this blog. I'm hoping you will get some value here and find things that will improve your life and outlook. I'm here to help others find a way to live a healthier, more satisfying life and love the skin they're in. If that's interesting to you, lets connect.

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