Motivation and Mindset

I went to the gym this morning and saw a fellow I hadn’t seen in a while. I greeted him and asked him if he’d been working out or if we’d just been working out at different times. Before he started coming to the gym he had a stroke and there are others there who have endured various medical issues such as knee and hip replacements, heart attacks, etc.

Im in a Facebook group for women runners over fifty and one for slow runners too! 😅

These women have taught me to celebrate and appreciate the fact that our bodies can do amazing things even into our older years.

This is a really good nugget of wisdom I picked up from the ladies in the running groups and it’s a great mindset to adopt for different areas of life:

We work our body because we love it, not because we hate it ! We keep moving and exercising to keep our bodies healthy and fit.

When you shift your mindset from exercise being a form of punishment that you have to endure in order to be comfortable and confident in your body
to this …
Exercise is what I do because I love and care about myself, want to run until I’m 90+, want to feel my best,
plus I absolutely love the way I feel when those after-workout endorphins kick in.

Getting in the car and going to the gym or lacing up my shoes & hitting the road becomes something I look forward to!

Having a LITTLE soreness in your muscles feels good and is so completely satisfying.

I wish that everyone who feels like working out is such a chore could make this mindset shift &
I wish I could apply this mindset to everything I do like cleaning 😉

Don’t you?

is there something you have to motivate yourself to do?
Or that you need to develop a different mindset about?

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Hey ! Let me introduce myself. I'm a passionate soul who loves life ! My dabblings are many but I focus on FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS, FOOD and FUN ! Those are the things I'll be sharing about in this blog. I'm hoping you will get some value here and find things that will improve your life and outlook. I'm here to help others find a way to live a healthier, more satisfying life and love the skin they're in. If that's interesting to you, lets connect.

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