Gorgeous Grandmas

It’s Gorgeous Grandma Day which celebrates women over the age of 50 and encourages them to defy society’s standards and live it up a bit.

Most of the time, we see our grandmothers in a stereotypical old-fashioned way. Grandmothers are expected to be calm, collected, have an outdated style.

My maternal grandmother, Emily, fit that mold to a degree. Since I was one of the later grandchildren, I remember her as a little gray-haired lady who liked to talk. I love the picture of her in this cute blue dress with at our wedding.

My grandparents at our wedding

The dress which was sewn for her for this occasion by her second daughter, Frances, a talented seamstress.

I knew and visited Emily’s sisters, Mattie and Corrin, with my mother. To me they were interesting ladies, more likely to break that stereotype. But they all liked to talk ! 😉

Emily reared six daughters, all of whom were ladies, but it seems to me there were almost two sets of daughters in the family. The older ones were slightly more reserved in my memories. The younger daughters, my mother being one of them, were a little more likely to lean toward trendier clothes.

My mother, Whitney’s Gorgeous Grandma, loved to go shopping in her later years and chose very stylish clothes, shoes and purses.

My mother on her 77th birthday

Society’s narrow perception that women shouldn’t dress up, wear bright colors after the age of 50 is primitive.

Gorgeous Grandma Day seeks to dispel this mindset and encourage people not to frown upon ladies over the age of 50 who are not ready to retire to a quiet life yet, and sit in the rocking chair.

So now you know where I get some of my personality traits…. I’m not going to be one of those quiet grandmas.

I’m in a group for women over 50 who run. Yesterday a lady posted that she had been running since age 15. She said it had saved her life. She ran on the best and worst days of her life. She said that she was going to keep running as long as her body would allow. Forget the rocking chair.

That’s what I want to do!

Getting ready for the St. Jude 10K

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