Vitamin C’s Superpowers

Today is Vitamin C Day- Who comes up with these days? I don’t know but it’s really good for you and I’m all about that. Be sure to read to the bottom for a little funny…

We’ve always been told to drink our orange juice to stay healthy and we know that the vitamin C in it boosts our immune system. We all want to do that! I’m making it a point to include as much citrus as possible in my diet and lots other foods that contain vitamin C.

But something you may not know is that consuming Vitamin C doesn’t just help your general health; it maintains your skin’s brightness too.

Vitamin C is a naturally-occurring substance in skin but, like everything else, production slows as we age. Vitamin C one of the most efficient ingredients to add into your skincare routine to target the visible signs of aging.

Vitamin C is a soluble vitamin, most commonly known as ascorbic acid.

When it’s applied topically, Vitamin C boosts cell regeneration to repair damaged skin cells.

This potent antioxidant ingredient works to improve uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and texture.

BUT “Only 1% of your diet is actually getting into your skin, so putting things on your skin is essential to protect and combat damage,” according to dermatologist Dr. Vivian Bucay.

So no matter how much orange juice you drink or how much you supplement your intake of C, only a small fragment is actually being absorbed by skin.

Vitamin C naturally exists in skin but as we age, the level in the skin reduces.

Less Vitamin C, the impacts of sun exposure on our skin, pollution and other environmental factors all increase the visible signs of aging.

These include:

– Fine lines and wrinkles

– Age spots, dark spots and hyperpigmentation

– Uneven skin tone

– Loss of firmness and brightness

Adding Vitamin C into your skincare routine helps improve these skin concerns by targeting uneven skin tone, redness and discoloration and works to help brighten dull-looking skin. Vitamin C also helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and helps protect your skin from sun exposure.

Dr. Bucay advises, “Vitamin C is a supreme multi-tasker, but it does get used fairly quickly.

Vitamin C decreases sun damage and helps neutralize free radicals.”

BUT she warns, “It takes only 10 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to deplete the skin’s natural Vitamin C and Vitamin E.”

Skincare products with Vitamin C are not a substitute for SPF; they work together to protect skin from the sun’s rays. By preventing the damage, you also prevent premature aging (Wish I’d wised up to that fact sooner) !

It’s recommended to use Vitamin C in your AM routine for skin brightening and sun protection benefits alongside a sunscreen or SPF.

Rodan + Fields has developed a new proprietary RD3C Complex which includes a combination of antioxidants, Peptides, skin conditioners + sun protectants to neutralize environmental aggressors, repair natural the skin’s moisture barrier and provide sun protection.

This new complex is in several of its products such as our Reverse regimen & our New Targeted Dark Spot Corrector for brightening and evening skin tone, and minimizing dark spots.

They’ve also used it in our other regimens to provide antiaging benefits and protect skin. It is included in our Sunless Tanning Foam, Microdermabrasion Paste, our eye creams, and our Radiant Defense, which is a skincare product that replaces your foundation.

A funny little personal story…  

I’m a huge fan of orange juice, my mom was too, and we went through some orange juice each week!

I knew she had to have her orange juice each morning. When I was a teen, I drank a lot of orange juice so we would run out of it. Then I’d offer to go to the grocery store to pick up some for her.

You see there was a certain young guy there that I had a bit of a crush on… and guess what? We ended up dating and getting married. See, orange juice is good for you. 😉

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