The C Word …

When I heard that today was World Cancer Day, the memories flooded my mind.

This thing called cancer has plagued so many. It doesn’t discriminate.

It attacks babies, children, teens, those in the prime of life, and those who are in their golden years.

To be honest, there are few words I dread hearing more and it seems as though there’s hardly a day that goes by that we don’t hear it.

Few words strike the heart of people like the “C” word.

It spurs feelings of fear, sadness, and anger. Tears start to well and pour….

It has always saddened me, but when it hits those you love and cherish, the feelings intensify.

Having had three of our five aunts that battled breast cancer, it was almost always there in the back of my mind.

Four of Mother’s sisters; she’s on right.

The “C” word hit very close to home one summer as our mother was diagnosed. We had prayed in the car before going into the doctor’s office. We knew that God was well aware of what the outcome would be so we prayed for wisdom and strength.

She was 78. She opted for surgery and no treatment. She took a medication to control estrogen and reached the five-year milestone.

But her breast cancer eventually recurred in her liver among other places. She was 85 and her battle was short-lived. We were thankful for God’s mercy.

Mother’s 85th & last birthday …

On the first anniversary of my mother’s passing, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. My emotions were already raw that day.

I was floored. I prayed, “God, You knew this before I did. Nothing surprises you. Please grant me peace. “ And He did.

I realized that God had prompted me to point out a suspicious pink spot on my arm when I went for a skin screening. I almost didn’t mention it to her. I thought about just seeing if she would notice it. Thankfully I heeded that prompting and brought it to her attention.

When the cancer was removed from my arm I was told that it had “roots” that went quite deep.

Had I not pointed this spot out, I would probably not be here today.

It’s suspected that there is a connection between breast cancer and melanoma.

I had the genetic testing done to determine if I carried the gene for breast cancer that is very evident in my mother’s family.
Thankfully I don’t have that gene but that doesn’t mean I won’t develop cancer.

I took foolish chances with my health by tanning even after my skin tried to warn me.

Please pay attention to changes on your body and take steps to get or stay healthy.

We can’t do anything about our genes or our age, but there are factors we can control that contribute to cancer (and heart disease)….diet, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, sun exposure, etc.

As horrible as cancer is though, God is always there for us, walking with us through the hard times.

His words can bring peace to our troubled hearts. Although cancer can invade our body, it can’t invade our soul.

Here’s a quote I bring to mind when I hear that “C” word. The author is unknown.

“Why must I bear this pain? I cannot tell.
I only know my Lord does all things well.
And so I trust God, my ALL in ALL,
For He will bring me through, whatever befall. ”

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