The Outcome

My neighbor and I decided this would be the year to try raised-bed gardening. We planted squash, tomatoes, broccoli, and a variety of peppers, mostly from seedlings. We have been planting a few things from seed also: cilantro, basil, pumpkins, cantaloupe, and more tomatoes. I planted this watermelon vine and two others.

It’s fun to go out and see the plants progressing, blooming and watching fruit develop from those blooms. Of course, it’s very rewarding to get to pick that fruit and eat it.

We really didn’t know a lot about gardening; this is a year of learning.

God is the original gardener. Of course, He knows what He’s doing!

There are lots of lessons to be learned from gardening. Here’s the one that stick out to me.

In this world, I am called to plant seeds, to water and fertilize them.

However, I have to remember that He is in control of the outcome, the harvest.

I (We) sometimes want to control the outcome.

We want to tell God what should happen and how fast.

With all of the rain, I thought we’d have a bigger crop of watermelons, cantaloupe and pumpkins by now. One of my memories popped up last year showing that I had little pumpkins by August.

The prime time to harvest watermelons is probably June or July… this little one won’t be ready for a while. I haven’t seen one pumpkin or cantaloupe yet. Maybe more fertilizer is needed ?

I (We) can be very attached to outcomes. I really thought this virus was going to be eradicated by the hot weather, but it hasn’t.

I ( We) say we trust God with the outcome but work our fingers to the bone sometimes trying to control it. Have you been (or seen people) scrambling to do that?

We are learning that life is unpredictable. We are not in control of what happens. I (We)’ve got to remember that.

My job is to plant seeds and tend them.

When the time is right, He will bring the harvest.

My (Our) job to pray, plant, work and trust the outcome to Him.

YOUR WILL be done, Lord, not mine.

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