Being in Business

I was always intrigued by having my own business even as a child; I probably romanticized it. Back in the day it wasn’t probably as competitive as it is now. I really think I got the idea from seeing my dad as a business-owner.

After graduating from college, I taught junior high and high school English for one year. I found out that was really not my calling.

Then I started a preschool/ daycare because I had a degree in education and kindergarten was a couple of years away from going into the public schools at that time.

Daddy was very supportive of my dream of being a business-owner. He helped me by building a fun playground I designed at the preschool. He did everything I asked him to without taking a penny for the long hours he worked on that project.

Most Dads I know are like that, especially those who have the mindset of an entrepreneur. They are supportive and want their children to do well in life as well as business.

Being in business for yourself requires a good idea and lots of hustle. I thought people would appreciate the idea that a teacher was in the business. Some did appreciate it but I watched the money go out a lot faster than it came in. I struggled to pay myself every month after all of the other bills were paid.

I was working from 6:45-5:30 5 days per week because I couldn’t afford full-time helpers. (I had a part-time helper who came in the morning and for lunch)
Then I had to clean each day so I usually left at 6.

I was worn out. I liked what I was doing but we were struggling financially !

I had created my own experience in teaching children. I went to work teaching first grade.

I kept my preschool open for about 5 months. Although it in very capable hands, I had to close it by the end of that year. It just wasn’t profitable. I learned a lot of hard lessons about what it takes to run a business. I still owed money on the loan I had taken out 2 years earlier to start the business. We had to pay the loan off and absorb the loss.

After 29 years of teaching when I thought about retiring I realized I wanted something to do to occupy my time and generate the income I walked away from.

I thought about a brick and mortar business… something like a gift shop or clothing store but I saw how hard it was for those shops to turn a profit and provide a living for the owner.

I never thought I’d sell skincare but it’s been a real blessing to me and so many others!

I work when I want to & where I want to. It’s a smart business because I’m not tied to a specific location or time schedule and I have a low overhead !

I actually enjoy the challenge and have a feeling of autonomy … I think I got that part from my dad too ! From his mid twenties until he died he was a business-owner, an entrepreneur. He didn’t want to work for anyone else. He wanted to make his own way in the world. He was always looking for a new business idea… something that would sell well. I believe I found that.

Dad, thanks for all of the hard work you made me do and the life lessons you taught me too.

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